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Why Should You Choose Turn13?

Here at our shop, you will experience professionalism like you have never seen before. The owner/operators are named Jake and Chris. They run the shop together and they both have an extensive background in customer satisfaction first, and motorcycles second. Jake and Chris live, eat and breathe all things motorsports. No matter what your knowledge level is, when you talk about the work you need done on your car or bike, you will find enjoyment from listening to their detailed explanations of the work that they have done to all sorts of cars and bikes, and the way they will do the work you need. The shop has an open layout, so you can bring your vehicle by and get a firsthand look at the shop and all of the machinery we have that all serves one purpose - to make your car, truck, motorcycle, or ATV better.

If you bring in your machine to the shop for an oil change, tire change, and dyno flash and tune all at once, you can expect to be back in the saddle in a few short days. Jake and Chris do everything they can to work meticulously on the project that is in front of them from sunrise to sunset, until it is finished. Once the vehicle is ready for pickup, you can have any questions about the services preformed answered by in a friendly and understanding manner by Jake or Chris. We are so excited to hear from you! Don't wait, reach out as soon as you can for a quote!

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