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2016 Ninja ZX10R

This bike gained a full twenty horsepower throughout the entire rev range, while still on pump gas and still with the stock air system. The only power oriented modifications that we did for this bike was the addition of a slip-on exhaust system, an ECU flash to remove restrictions, and a custom tune for this specfic customer and his riding styles. This bike is a great example of the fact that you do not necessarily need to spend thousands in aftermarket upgrades for massive power gains.


2017 GSXR1000

Because this bike is purely a track machine, the work we did on it was somewhat unique. Since this bike would never be on the street, the performance upgrades were turned up to the max. A full aftermarket exhuast system, race ready bodywork and tires, and a custom tune that makes this bike so fierce that even attempting to ride it on the street would be insane. And, because this build turned out as good as it did, Jake is planning on implementing an updated tune for this bike, but this time meticulously tuning each cylinder one by one to milk out every last drop of power.


2016 Yamaha R1

This sixteen titanium-valve, DOHC, in-line four cylinder motorcycle with the unique cross-plane crankshaft produces a sound unlike any other sportbike you have ever heard. Especially this bike in particular, with the aftermarket pipe fitted to it. Check out this link to our Youtube Channel to hear it on the Dyno here in the shop.


2017 Triumph Thruxton R

This Triumph Thruxton is a beast of a bike in its stock form. From the factory, it puts out nearly eighty ft-lb of torque at nearly five-thousand engine rpm. Also, it puts out eighty-five hp at slightly more than six-thousand rpm. So as you can see, apart from its unique styling and appearance, it is a decently quick bike already. But, our goal is to always make things better in any way we can. So naturally, we decatted the slip on pipes, and replaced the internet tune with a full custom map! The result of these modifications were absolutely great gains throughout the rev range.